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What to do if the hair of the curly circuit dog is too frizzy

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First, the environment is dirty
If the living environment (dog kennel or cage) is dirty or wet, if it is not cleaned regularly, it will be easy for the curly circuit dogs to be infected with parasites.
Causes skin diseases, making the hair quality of curly itinerant dogs worse.
Solution: Regularly clean the living environment and deworm regularly!

Insufficient light
If the poodle tour dog stays indoors for a long time, there is less chance of exposure to the sun, which will also cause the dog's hair to deteriorate.
The solution: You need to bask in the sun, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and exercise regularly to get healthy hair.

Third, obesity
Obese curly dogs have poor hair quality and poor blood circulation due to fat accumulation.
Solution: Control the feeding amount of the dog, and take the dog to walk outside to prevent the dog from being overweight.

Fourth, a single diet

For example, it is common to feed curly dogs with a single food, and some pet owners blindly eat meat for dogs, which makes it easy for them to lack vitamins and trace elements.
Solution: It is recommended to feed some curly dogs with high-quality dog food, which contains various trace elements to supplement the required nutrition.

Five, frequent bathing
Curly circuit dogs bathe too often, and the hair will easily split and break, damage the hair quality, and disrupt the acid-base balance of the curly circuit dog's skin.
Solution: If it is not very dirty, the pet owner can wipe it with a warm water towel or use dry cleaning powder. Bathing the dog should be done once every 1-2 weeks.
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