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Bichon is too guts. How do I train it?

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1. Bring more bichon dogs to play, take dogs to walk to crowded places, and practice courage
2. Bring a bichon dog into contact with other dogs. Maybe it is not timid, but shy.
3. When bichon is a dog, you can loosen the chain and let it contact the outside environment. When it is afraid, as the owner, you should promptly encourage it to come forward; when it is brave enough, give some rewards and the like . Training can increase guts. If you are afraid of other dogs, then teach (tell) him not to be afraid, to comfort him and give him a subconscious influence.
4. Don't always hold bichon dogs. Many people think that this is a pet behavior. In fact, this will only rub off the dog's guts. If you always hold it, you will be afraid of it.
5. Wait slowly. In fact, dogs have different personalities like humans. Timidness is only temporary. When you grow up, the nature of Bichon is exposed, so you don't have to worry too much.
6. Summary: In short, dogs are just like people. Only by constantly contacting the outside environment can their personality change.
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