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What are the pugs that can't be eaten

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In daily life, the shrimp, crab, cuttlefish, jellyfish, and octopus that we can build are particularly vulnerable to eating. Especially easy to cause indigestion.

2.Small bones

Bone can be eaten by dogs because it can effectively supplement calcium, but some small bones cannot be eaten by dogs. For example, if chicken bones and bones are not chewed, it is easy to scratch the dog's stomach and intestinal wall. Once internal bleeding occurs, the dog may die.

3.Irritating food
For example, ginger, pepper, and pepper, which are often seen in our daily life, are definitely not allowed to be eaten by dogs, because they can seriously affect the sensitivity of the sense of smell after eating.

4. Special vegetables
Dogs ca n’t eat too many vegetables, such as onions. Dogs who have eaten onions are likely to have brown hematuria, and dysentery and vomiting may also occur, so parents must not eat dogs with onions, which can seriously lead to kidney failure.

5. Sweet food
Sweets can't be given to dogs, because dogs and people are particularly prone to gain weight later, and can also cause dental caries. In addition, you can consume too much vitamin c because it can easily cause indigestion.

6. Nucleated Fruit
Plums, plums, peaches, pears, these fruit with fruit cores must not be eaten by dogs, because some kernels and peels are poisonous, which can cause dogs to breathe hardly or to accumulate water in the chest or in the heart. And lower abdomen.
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