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Things to keep in mind for domestic Samoyed

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Samoyed is a member of the large family of fox terriers. She has a soft and flattering appearance and is always smiling. She is very amiable, so many people want to feed a Samoyed at home. Then, as a shoveler, you know Must I keep an eye on raising Samoyed?

1.Ordinary medical care

Samoyed's most beloved is that its attractive appearance, a tender white fur, is also called a smiling angel, so if the shoveler wants to maintain Samoyed's beautiful appearance, he must often clean it. Hair, otherwise it will make its hair dirty. In addition, Samoyed has more hair, and the hair loss is also serious. Especially during the hair loss season, the hair loss of Samoyed will be more serious. At this time, the shovel officer must help it to clean up 2-3 daily. The words are slick.

2. Fitness exercise level
Samoyed is a more active dog, very cheerful, so the shoveler must often take it outside to wander around, or it will mess up at home if he does not consider the intensity of the exercise.
3. Food Matching Level
Samoyed's hair is very important, in addition to the usual medical care, diet is also very important. The shoveler must not eat too much high-salinity ingredients for Samoyed, otherwise it will increase its hair loss level, a dog wolf that can moderately add deep-sea fish oil to it, can reasonably reduce the level of hair loss and make hair become Increasingly glossy. In addition, when shovel officials raise Samoyed, do not overeat, because eating too much can make Samoyed's stomach indigestion and cause indigestion.
4. Disease control
If the shoveler finds something abnormal in Samoyed, if the shoveler does not know what the situation is, it is best to take the dog to the pet clinic immediately.

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